About us

The power of computers to intelligent machines

Our Vision

The power of smart machinery brings so many benefits for reliable and efficient manufacturing

our Mission

To bring complex AI algorithms and methods into the industrial applications. Make it reliable and clear

The way we develop

Analyze as a scientist

We study each problem and all related physical dependencies, perform measurements and theoretical analysis just as demanded

Work out the math

Mathematical formulation is a part of describing each engineering problem. Only through it, a possible concept can be proven empirically or in virtual environments

Engineer the solution

Select the bundle of the tools (Python,C++, Matlab... ), realize, qualify and test the solution, finally evaluate the end product

Our History

We’re helping to automate some of the world’s most complex and difficult problems

We are proud to be a young  startup in the digital domain of industry 4.0. The initial foundation step took place on 2021. The company consists of well educated experienced specialists in the fields of IT, Physics and Engineering. The core Idea of our business is to offer working customizable solutions that may expand above software. Our customers in sectors such as energy and metal machining can generate revenue using our add-ons

Why Choose Us

With great knowledge comes great productivity

Certified Experts

Highly qualified stuff proves high quality and deep scientific understanding

Efficient Solutions

Complex does not mean efficient. We keep things as simple as possible, as complex as they MUST be

Support That Really Helps

We are at your side, from the conceptional study till the end development

Innovations for AI Technologies

Contact us

Address: Germany, DE-63701 Aschaffenburg
       P.O. Box 100134
Tel. (+49) 1575 371 5050
Mail: info@hybrid-codex.com

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